Our Vision

What if you could wake up, and be truly happy. Not just a fleeting "good" feeling, but un-shakable down to your core overwhelming essence of peace.

Where your mind was able to dream to its fullest extent, and pursuit wasn't hindered by negativity.

Where you didn't have to live through the perceived happiness of others through digital feeds and shallow disconnection.

What if you knew beyond a shadow of doubt that everyone around you had the absolute best intentions for you. Then if you were to fall they would help you rise, knowing you would do the same in-kind?

How would your life change if you were invested in a community whose' sole purpose was to connect and strengthen the bonds of hope seemingly frayed in this ever divided culture.

What would happen if the stress of life disappeared? Doubt replaced by the wide eyed hopeful wonder you may remember fondly from yester year.

Welcome to our dream. Welcome to Pieces. Our Groups, Our Communities, Our Home.
Everyone has a place, we're all a piece.


Our mission is to connect like-minded individuals to local communities connected no matter how far with the talents, resources and opportunities to live life to its fullest extent.
To bring back hope to the frayed masses.
To grow and strengthen not just the individual, but their local communities regardless of race, nationality, or interests.
To pursue excellence in any way our members dream.
To see the talents of our members realized in the tangible reality of their lives to the highest reaches.

Our goals…

We want each of our groups to grow three ways.


How can you be the best?

We want everyone strive to grow and be the best they can be.


How does your community thrive?
Do you love the race track?
Is online gaming your home?
Do you enjoy the outdoors?
Is feeding your imagination a top priority?

We strive to create opportunities for growth and new ways to build team camaraderie.

Community Impact

Find ways your group can make a positive impact on your local community.

Why not put together benefit events to raise funds for charity, this may also include donating time to help fix the cars of needy families in their community.

Mobile games are great for hosting an event at a location with in-game targets and while there get everyone involved in cleaning the park/school/city.

How can you take your interest to make the world around you a better place?

Do you want to join us?

Here is what we are looking for...


Are you looking to make new friends?

Do you feel disconnected by all the random pokes or likes and long for real connections?

Are you a good person searching for other like minded individuals focused on being the best you can be while making a positive change in the world around you?


Do you see a need in your area and want to make a difference?

Do you believe in leading by example and strive to build the lives of those around you?

Are you capable of seeing the potential of those who can't see it in themselves?


Do you own a local business and want to make an impact on your community?

Do you have the tools to make that change, you just need willing hands?

Do you wish to drive positive traffic and feedback by hosting or sponsoring one of our events?

What makes us different?

Unlike most social networks, ours is an active model. We push for our members to go out, connect, and change the world around them.
We understand that change never happens with idle hands, thoughts, and feelings.
We are always looking to change, to grow, to create and to build a better world.
Just so long as a group can strive to uphold our three goals they can be focused on anything from cars, to cosplay, ninjas, to needlepoint.
**Not sure how we would go about adding ninjas, but we'd find a way!!!

  • Progression - Strive for excellence .
  • Growth - Cultivate and strengthen the bonds that connect .
  • Community - Nurture the wounds of your surroundings.

Current groups (currently based in Knoxville TN USA)

Car Club
World Of Warcraft / Online Gaming
Mobile Gaming (Ingress-PokemonGO)


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